Things to look out for before doing your accounting online


There’s a large number of accounting software online you can use for your business, but the problem is it takes quite a bit of time to test the waters and see which one suits you best. There are a few basic features you should use to determine the best choice, given that your business doesn’t demand an army of accountants to keep it in check.

Narrow down your choices by figuring out which features you need most. More popular software has all the basics however some focus on specific things more than others. You can choose from FreshBooks, QuickBooks Online, Xero to name a few.

They cover features like Inventory management, sales tracking, budgeting, estimates, reminders and many others depending on your needs. Some accounting software is specific to certain industries, construction for example, which demands a certain flexibility with accounting. Others focus on law and more complex accounting. You’ll hardly go wrong with any of the popular software but some will definitely fit you more than others.

Saving time
If you’re not an expert on it, accounting is most likely a necessary waste of time for you. The software you choose should be able to minimize that time. When testing the waters be sure to find the one you find the fastest and easiest to use, even if it is a bit steeper.

The software that you choose should make sense to you. If you see endless digits which make no sense, avoid that software. There are plenty of choices that make sense to non-accountants.

Go with a popular choice
The beauty of online accounting software is that most of it, at least the good kind, gives you a trial which usually lasts up to 30 days. FreshBooks should definitely be amongst your first trials. It’s adaptable and covers all the basic needs you may have.

FreshBooks falls in the category of universal software because, even though it’s most useful for small business on the climb, it can still be used for a starting business. In the long run, software like FreshBooks is comfortable because you won’t have to change your software should your business grow, fingers crossed. Even if you choose to change from one software to another, don’t worry as they’re mostly compatible and make the transfer of data quick and easy.

Basic features
Your software should be straightforward and easy to use. Seeing as how it’s online accounting, you will want access to your data anywhere. Surprisingly some software providers don’t offer the feature of accessing their services on all your devices. It may be safer that way but it certainly isn’t efficient for you. This feature is usually presented amongst the most important ones on the homepages of all accounting software providers so be sure to check those out first.

Tracking expenses, frequent and accurate reports, automated invoices and transactions are also some of the key features. The more automated features, the more time you’ll save. Some providers offer countless templates you can use to create custom invoices amongst other things.

Compatibility and back up
Most quality providers give the option of easy collaborations by using team timesheets. They’re compatible with most common payment methods that make importing and exporting expenses from your accounts quick and easy. Massive amounts of security and encryption have also become standard feature.

Some providers offer a limited number of connections, which isn’t that important for smaller businesses in the starting stages. After a longer period of time you may need more space so if you’re interested in accounting in the long run go for the ones that allow an unlimited number of connections.

The price
You’ll probably be willing to pay an extra dollar if it means getting a better deal, on the other hand there really is no need to. You’ll probably be fine with whichever software you chose, but it’s important to find the one that gives you what you need. It doesn’t make much sense to buy a mansion if you’re only going to use one room.

For example, QuickBooks will fit you better if you’re a starting business. There are some limitations like a limited number of connections and a setting which isn’t fully automated, but that’s something that’s negligible at the start. When your business grows, you can simply switch over to FreshBooks or other providers that offer more features. There’s no need to pay extra for them if you won’t use them.

Don’t be afraid of making a mistake
Another great thing about all online accounting software is that they’re adaptable with other applications and services. The only real issue with switching from one provider to another is the learning process. It may take you a few days to get used to it but learning the ropes doesn’t take too long and it’s almost always worth it.

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