A great online accounting software like QuickBooks… actually better than it!


I’ve been using QuickBooks for quite a while to manage the accounts of most of my small businesses. However around last year, my accountant referred me to another Quickbooks alternative, which I found very much easier to use.

That alternative was FreshBooks, and since then, I’ve switched all my accounts from QuickBooks to the much better alternative… FreshBooks.

When I first got started, FreshBooks appeared to be an online invoicing site that didn’t differ much from the others. However, the layout of the site is extremely easy to use and navigate.

At first glance, there doesn’t seem to be much that makes the site unique, but once you get to know all of the great features it has, you’ll learn that FreshBooks is something concise and different, and something that will be a great asset to your business.

FreshBooks lets you create databases of companies, contacts and products/services so that you can keep track of your invoices and money.

Now, this has been very useful for me while running my businesses as I don’t need to spend too much time worrying about numbers.

FreshBooks also makes organization extremely easy and helps me focus more on pressing matters while pushing less urgent tasks off to the side. With it’s easy to use layout and the fact that you can use it from anywhere, FreshBooks is very convenient.

I especially love the fact that I can use FreshBooks from anywhere. If I’m on the bus I can pull out my smartphone, if I’m at the library I can get on a computer and access my books. And of course, when I’m at home I can grab any of my devices for a quick check over.

What makes FreshBooks different?

  • FreshBooks has tons of built in collaboration features, which makes using it a breeze. Clients and contractors can access subsets of the site, which allows them to communicate with each other directly. This is something that definitely distinguishes FreshBooks from other online invoicing sites like QuickBooks.
  • Integrates data with Outright.
  • Incorporates time-tracking as well as support tickets. This is something that many competitors simply don’t do.
  • FreshBooks also upload documents to a shared area so that others (such as your accountant) can view them. This is another feature that makes FreshBooks unique.


  • Project and document management.
  • Some pretty cool customization features. Click on ‘Settings’ for the main list of tabs. Informational screens will be opened and you can set up taxes, colors and logos, as well as invoice templates.
  • Create default e-mail text for new invoices (saving lots of time).
  • Late payment reminders (these are especially useful when you’ve had a long day!).
  • A variety of payment gateways.
  • Set permissions for clients and staff who’ll be able to see what you see. This allows you to keep your information confidential but shared with those who need to see it, creating unity and a collaborative environment.

Overall, FreshBooks is unique because of the collaboration it offers as well as time management and organization.

There are plenty of great little features that come in handy when I get swamped with work, and I love being able to access it at anytime with pretty much any device.

It really is a great choice for an online accounting software because I can keep clients in the loop and always know what’s going on. Even though there are plenty of sites like it, FreshBooks does offer some unique perks that will be hard to find elsewhere.

You can signup to FreshBooks totally free, so be sure to check it out.

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