The Ultimate Guide to Finding a Legal Billing Software


A legal billing software is one of the main tools needed in online legal practice.

It can be exciting to build a career and the future of your firm, on the other hand every rose has its thorns, and in legal practice, the thorns are quite repetitive.

Managing clients, communications, digits and other boring data can be frustrating. Here are some of the best software choices you can use to save time and help your focus remain on what’s really important.

Even though it’s one of the frequently mentioned titles in online accounting, FreshBooks is quite useful for your law management needs. This is a pretty versatile service, very adaptive to the average client and is by far one of the safe choices.

Features include cloud connectivity, making all information available on all your devices, as well as being backed up to the cloud. Faster management of invoices and communications with clients and faster and simpler payments will undoubtedly free up minutes of the time you usually spend on them. Cash management, expense tracking, billing and invoicing are just a few of many other features you can check out on their site.

FreshBooks offers a free 30-day trial which should give you more than enough time to see if it fits your needs. Their video ad perhaps isn’t the most glamorous one you’ve ever seen but the services are pretty comfortable and easy to manage once you’ve learned the ropes so be sure to check it out, (despite the singing squirrel).

This particular software is mostly focused on the law firms in general and can be a great asset in that area. MyCase primarily focuses on removing invoicing, billing and other time-consuming activates from your daily routines, seeing as how law itself takes up a lot of time on its own.

Expense tracking, contact management and email integration are some of the many features MyCase has to offer. Collaborative calendaring helps keeps your staff in sync and sends out notifications which make sure an important date or deadline won’t be missed. Document management makes storing and locating files easier and also allows you to generate files based on previous templates.

MyCase gives you easy communication with your clients, allowing you to share certain information and documents with them or directly communicate with you through comments or direct messages. It’s available on all of your devices and also comes with a 30-day trial.

Rocket Matter
As a leading web-based law practice management (as they humbly describe the service), Rocket Matter primarily focuses on smaller to mid-sized firms. The trouble with more popular choices are that they’re mostly designed for larger companies and groups and really offer more services than you actually need. If that’s the case, Rocket Matter is perfect for you.

Rocket Matter integrates with several useful apps and is available on all of your devices. Expense tracking, billing and invoicing, case management, calendar management and pretty much every essential feature you’ll need is available for you here.

A friendly user interface, cloud management and compatibility with third-party software makes Rocket Matter an eligible choice. A 30-day trial is available to see if fits your needs.

With Bill4time creating professional invoices becomes an effortless job. The invoices are branded and detailed, and can be sent to anyone, anywhere. Another important feature are the detailed reports which allow you to monitor your firm’s productivity, reports on clients, projects, timing and more.

Although it covers all accounting needs in general, Bill4time has special features which are perfect for law firms and law in general. In the same way it can also offer an advantage to accountants who’d like more features to use in their business.

You can access your information on all devices easily. Most users who rely on it describe it as an assistant ideal for you if you’re on your own. Keeping up with the billing on your own has never been easier. A 30-day trial is also available for you to explore more features which may suite you.

The idea most legal software providers use for their product is saving time. Clio takes that idea to the extreme it seems, because their primary focus is to trim as much time as possible from your day. According to their statistics, lawyers save up 8 hours a week by using Clio for their legal practice management, so why shouldn’t you?

Time tracking on any device, calendar management, one-click billing, contact management, expense tracking and many other features are available through Clio. It’s a database of your clients, matters and bills and truly focuses on saving time. It’s accessible from all your devices and compatible with other applications and software.

Clio is easy to use, has an amazingly friendly interface and an equally amazing support, which justifies it being the most widely-used law practice management tool. You’re offered a 7-day trial to see if Clio fits your needs, which it probably will if you want simplicity.

All your information can be integrated into an automated system which can quickly improve the efficiency and profit of your firm. Amicus is a seasoned but very polished service and it’s constantly improving.

Amicus integrates with many popular apps you may have already been using, which comes in quite hand and saves you a lot of time and trouble. The price is decently lower than most other competitors who usually move around the same digit, on the other hand Amicus does lack a few newer features other competitors already have.

It doesn’t accept online payments and doesn’t have a client portal yet. These aren’t crucial features but they would be good to have. On the other hand it doesn’t alter the fact that it’s a very polished service. You’re offered a 21-day trial to test it.

Choosing a software
The prices of most of these software providers are virtually the same, but it’s important to mention that it depends on what you need from your software. If you’re a more demanding user, an extra dollar shouldn’t concern you. On the other hand if you just want to get the billing out of your way as quickly as possible, you should stick to the basics.

If you run into any minor flaws you might dislike, for example a lack of iPhone or Android apps, don’t let it affect you much since most software providers are constantly improving their services and are bound to correct that flaw eventually.

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