7 high paying six figure jobs without a degree


College degrees give you access to jobs which immediately give you a fixed salary. So basically you’re developing from the day you started college and you don’t really feel the tension. Six figure jobs without a college degree force you to start from ground zero, which can be quite discouraging, but that’s where the challenge lies.

College is an option almost always chosen after high school but sadly it’s not available to everyone. Personal issues or lack of money can pull you down and stop you from meeting ends. On the other hand perhaps you simply don’t want to go down that road. Here are some other roads you may want to explore.

Small business owner
A business requires an unlimited supply of patience, effort and willpower. You learn as you grow, but in this case it’s not a privilege, it’s a necessity. Developing your business to a level of comfort takes time and risk, both of which will decrease as you learn. An open mind, a sense for communication, creativity and dedication to research and learning are just a few factors you need to take into account before choosing this road.

Once your business is in the comfort zone, you can create your own rules, choose your own working hours, control expenses, business decisions and feel free while doing it. The profit varies depending on the success of your business. This is undoubtedly the most popular choice but also the most difficult. If you want to create a small business you have to be prepared to dedicate yourself entirely until you’ve reached success.

The trade is learned through technical schools or apprenticeship. Perhaps it doesn’t seem like a glamorous job, but it pays quite well. Until we switch to a more futuristic age where plumbing is history, plumbers will be in high demand.

Depending on training and experience, salaries can rise up to a six figure number. It takes quite a bit of time to build a fixed income of that size so even though you’ll undoubtedly find work in this area, don’t expect money to drop from the sky on your first day.

Even though television loves to show-case amateurs attempting to do a professional’s job, there is truth in it. Being an executive chef demands unique features a degree can’t teach (even though it is a huge plus to have one).

Executive chefs easily make $100 000 per year. It’s a challenging profession which demands more than just a strong will and personality. You should have a genuine passion for food if you want to find yourself here so don’t take it lightly.

Court Reporter
Although it’s quite a repetitive job and isn’t really much of a challenge once you’ve gotten used to it, it can give you a salary which may cross the six digit mark. Court reporting may demand you take classes in transcription to truly fit the role, as well as a background check.

If you have an astounding typing speed and an amazing attention to detail, this is the job for you. It may not give you many chances to grow and release your creative impulses but it will definitely give you enough funds to do that in your spare time.

Fashion Designer
Jobs in fashion are geographically focused and truly pull on your abilities to succeed. This is definitely one of the more glamorous professions which not only give your creativity and experience a chance to shine, but it also depends on the two. Stress is common place so get used to it.

Employers look for knowledge in fabrics, ornamentation and also current fashion trends. Low turnover and job market growth can be a brick wall for most who try to get into this area. A unique way of thinking, passion and knowledge are the key for this one. Since the entire field is quite unstable and depends on trends (hence the unstable part), everyone has an equal chance.

Construction manager
At the moment no superior certification is required for this one however like many other jobs, it develops rapidly so it may soon require one. Work experience is the main thing required for this line of work. A degree can help but it’s not necessary.

There’s quite a lack of qualified applicants for construction management which makes it quite an appealing target. It’s an unstable job as far as time is concerned, so you should be prepared to keep a flexible schedule and be on call 24 hours a day.

Police and detective supervisor
This is a potentially dangerous and stressful line of work, one for which you’ll need patience and above all the bravery to do it. Surprisingly you’ll do more than paperwork at times.

On the other hand it can be quite appealing if you’re into that sort of thing, mainly because it can build up to a six figure number with time. A year or two of college-level coursework may be required but the main thing you’ll need is a high school education and balls of steel.

…and many others!
There are many jobs that require basic knowledge and skills any human being can develop, as long as they’re willing to learn from experience and adapt quickly. On the other hand jobs like cooking, fashion and writing demand creativity and passion which is something many don’t have. You may not like it too much but the former can give you a solid ground to achieve the latter.

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