FreshBooks Pricing: What You Need To Know

FreshBooks is an accounting software that is primarily designed to help people send invoices to their clients. Additionally, it can also keep track of both time and expenses.

Get FreshBooks Pricing Plan And A 30 Day Free Trial

Since its establishment, it has been incredibly successful. Its remarkable success can be attributed to a number of factors such as; a very user friendly interface, its ability to facilitate faster online payments, its multi-currency invoicing feature, its security features and its excellent back up procedures. FreshBooks is a ground breaking software in many respects and if statistics are anything to go by it is bound to remain a force to reckon with in the online invoicing sphere for a long time to come. This article is going to majorly focus on FreshBooks pricing.

Whats The Cheapest Paid Package

The cheapest paid package goes for only $9.95 per month. It is known as sprout. By all standards, it is incredibly affordable. By subscribing to this package you will be able to manage up to a maximum of five clients. If you have a small business that serves less than five clients this package is perfect for you. You will be able to promptly send them invoices and also keep track of all your expenses and time. Expenses will be imported directly from bank accounts and credit cards. Subscribing to this package will also enable you to automatically charge late fees on all overdue invoices.

What Is The FreshBooks Seedling Package ?

The second paid package offered by Freshbooks integrates is known as Seedling. It goes for only $19.95 per month and is hence incredibly affordable. Unlike the first package that allows you to manage only 5 clients, this package enables you to manage a maximum of 10 clients. With this package you can effectively send invoices to your clients .Like the sprout package, you will also be able to track expenses and automatically import them from banks and credit cards, track time and automatically charge late fees on overdue invoices.However,this option does not permit any additional staff to manage the account.

You can subscribe to the Evergreen package for only $29.95 per month. This package has several advantages over earlier mentioned packages. First and foremost, it’ll enable you to manage an unlimited number of clients and will also permit one additional staff to manage the account. Like the packages mentioned above, it will also enable you to; invoice your clients, track expenses, automatically import expenses from bank accounts and credit cards, track time and automatically charge late fees on overdue invoices. This package also enables project managers, team time sheets and team expense tracking reporting.

To subscribe to the Mighty Oak pay package you will only need to part with $39.95 per month. When all the benefits that accompany this package are considered, this is a great deal. It allows management of an unlimited number of clients. By subscribing to this package,5 additional staff will be permitted to access the account. If you wish to have additional staff to have access to the account, you will be required to pay $10 for every additional staff. Like the evergreen package, subscription to the mighty oak will enable; project managers, team time sheets and team expense reporting. This is in addition to performing the basic functions performed by the other packages.

For trial purposes FreshBooks offers a free trial version. The trial version is however only available for a limited period of 30days. At the end of the trial period you will be required to upgrade to a paid package and get the great benefits of a clean balance sheet with Freshbooks . If you have one client and no staff you can use fresh books for free here below with this link.

Here Is A Comprehensive List Of FreshBooks Features

Online Invoicing

  • Customized invoices for unlimited invoices
  • Track Invoice Viewings
  • Credit cards payments accepted
  • Quick discounts
  • Estimates and Quotes
  • Online Payments
  • Late Payment Fees can be added
  • Recurring Invoices & Auto Payment
  • Multi Currency
  • Multiple Languages
  • Client Portal
  • Late Payment Reminders on Autopilot
  • Sales Taxes Added easily
  • Track Offline Payments
  • Send Emails or choose normal mail option
  • Automated Tax Circulations
  • Preview Invoices
  • Knowing when the customer has opened an email to view the invoice

Expense Tracking

  • Automatic expense import
  • Snaps
  • Tracking spending per project
  • Remember vendors
  • Tax friendly categories
  • Easy-to-read categorization
  • Attach receipts (PDF or Image)
  • Expense Report Filters
  • File import
  • Recurring Expenses
  • Assign & Rebill Expenses

Accounting Reports & Taxes

  • Accounts Aging Option
  • Profit & Loss Sheet
  • Balance Sheet Included
  • Expense Reports
  • Item Sales By Numbers
  • Sales Tax
  • Export to CSV or Excel
  • Invoice Details Reports
  • Accounts Aging Reports
  • Filters for detailed report customization
  • Summary of outstanding revenue
  • Clear spending breakdowns

Other Useful Functions and Features Include:

  • Time Tracking – Great for vehicles and staff
  • Built In project manager – Great for the average business owner to track active clients
  • Advanced accounting reports – Better than the pack with great filter options to drill down deep into your financials
  • 30day free trial to try before you buy, then flexible pricing options
  • Onboard contact management system – freshbooks integrates a great function for tracking new and existing contacts
  • Rated top 3 billing and invoicing softwares with 9.8 out of 10

What About Integrations and Add-Ons ?

FreshBooks had made a decrease in the number of integrations available to streamline the software and make it less complicated for the average user and here are the top 5 integrations we should show you:

  • Capsule – CRM software
  • Gusto – Full payroll software
  • Stripe – Process and accept credit card payments.
  • Shopify – Simply the best E-commerce platform for online stores period
  • Zapier – Connects FreshBooks to 100s of external apps


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