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Mobility is core for anyone doing business, especially those who do so on a freelance basis. Most freelancers are, nine out of ten, peripatetic, and spending too much time on a computer to do their math is both inconvenient and inefficient.

However, unlike other accounting software and to the relief of the freelancer, I’ve found that FreshBooks offers comprehensively time-saving accounting features on its mobile app, usable on smartphones, ipad and tablets, which makes it an incontestable choice for freelancers.

As such, in this article I highlight the reasons why FreshBooks is an awesome choice for freelancers.

A comprehensive Accounting Mobile App

FreshBooks understands that going mobile doesn’t have to scrape off the top features business owners, and so accountants, need most to execute business accounting services for their clients. Unlike other extant accounting software products mobile apps, FreshBooks is singular for offering a comprehensive and awfully effective time saving accounting tools. The software mobile app allows you to perform and execute extensive accounting tasks on your phone, tablet, or ipad, like creating and sending invoices and projects estimates, tracking and organizing expenses, recording hours, viewing and editing customer details, managing projects, generating reports, and the list continues, all for the benefit of a freelance accountant who is working on different projects for different clients.

Ease of use

FreshBooks is an awesomely �simple and intuitive’ cloud-based accounting software which is accessible easily on all smart devices. To download and install the great FreshBook mobile app is a breeze. Setting up an account will be next to no time. And once you have done that, signing up will not demand a credit card but just your company name, your first name, second, your email address, and as usual for your security, password.

The app’s dashboard is impressively, motivationally clean, a clear mark away from the competition. The top bar, for example, highlights your remaining balance, and below the bar are icons showing the oftenest used tasks—clients, invoices, time tracking, or expenses. Open the next page and find the other features that are project management, project estimates and reports, and all.

Objectively speaking, FreshBooks is the best accounting software to help them succeed on their part, and successfully deliver to their clients superbly executed tasks as well keeping relations watertight, and all this has been made possible by the easy and intuitive mobile app innovated mainly for the success of the freelance accountant and their expectant clients. The accountants will have no reason to complain, as of tediousness and tiredness, if they did it all on FreshBooks.

Time-saving Features

Ask any freelance accountant all what they seek most in accounting software and the unanimous answer will unequivocally be “to save time and allay the damn stress out of managing finances.”

In addition to enabling freelance accountants to execute their accounting tasks anywhere, anytime, four other top-notch services that mark out FreshBooks mobile app by making accounting a stress free experience are highlighted below:

1. 1. Invoicing

Create, send, and manage invoices easily on your phone or tablet. Begin by filling your clients name, line items, and/or any prevailing terms or other critical notes. According to FreshBooks personnel, I discover that as an accountant I can further se extra options and information that I need, such as invoice issue date, invoice numbers, discount rates and more.

2. 2. Getting Paid Faster

Officially credible information from a FreshBooks sales representative has it that with FreshBooks, it becomes easier to receive remunerations from your clients, the same advantage that I found operable from the mobile app. When you have an invoice created, you also can choose an option of accepting credit card payments so your clients will be able to pay online straight from the invoice. PayPal is an alternative payment option, which is available under the settings provision. You do not have to keep payments tracks manually, for each invoice can do the tracking of how much corresponding clients have paid and even show any balances.

3. 3. Expense Logging

This allows for easy and fast tracking of expenses from anywhere. The app helps accountants in categorizing expenses, and also in linking them to the clients and vendors in focus. One helpful and practical feature I liked about this software app is the power to shoot a photo of the receipts and place them attached to respective expenses. This is very convenient and again keeps you organized by going fully paperless and digital.

4. 4. Flawless and Easy integration with Your Phone and Across Different Functions

The FreshBooks mobile app can save the freelance accountant great deal of time by working together with his or her phone or tablet and set the different tasks streamlined for easy execution. For instance, I found it easy to do this:

ü If you need a new client, you skip the manual data entry to acquire the details right away from your phonebook

ü If a certain client has accepted your project estimate, you do not have to create a new invoice form zero—do so by going to the estimate and instructing FreshBooks to convert it to an invoice.

ü When you aren’t sure of how much to charge for a project, let the software app do the number cracking for you. From the projects section you create a new project, feed in your rates, and automatically link billable hours to every projects in focus or task by the help of time tracking function. When you have expenses, attach them to respective invoices and automatically add them to costs to your clients’ bills.

ü And if you want to check or edit a recently constructed invoice, expense and/or any other information, there’s no need to tediously open each of the functions. By just tapping on �Recent Activity’, you find all you need fast and particularly.

Customer Service

For any confusion using FreshBooks accounting software (a rarer incident), customer support is seamlessly accessible. By tapping on the �Help’ link (upper-right corner) you without delay access all of FreshBooks contact details. I thought this was usual, but when I had problems (digging into websites) acquiring a phone line for other providers in this industry, I knew for real that FreshBooks is incomparable.

FreshBooks offers phone numbers and email support both. The customer care personnel are affable and skillful, and when I spoke to then, I found them apt in answering a great deal of questions with adorable patience, diligence, and without rushing to push the product or offering deplorable cut-the-line solutions you will hear elsewhere. However, stay reminded that this wonderful support is available only from Monday to Friday, 8 a.m to 8 p.m EST. this is a critical note for the freelancer whose business continues beyond regular working hours, or into weekend.

Moreover, FreshBooks offers a handful of supportive resources online and therefore you can find answers to an array of questions troubling you. The Quick Start Guide, the FAQ section, a blog brimming with business and accounting tips, tutorial videos as well as free webinars—what else do you to excel in you freelancing as an accountant? Why go elsewhere while you can only get it all with FreshBooks?

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