My honest FreshBooks review

One of the greatest challenges for both freelancers and small businesses is managing their finances as they start to grow.

At that point, you realize that you literally need another person to help you because you can’t catch it all.

Now, I’ve switched from QuickBooks to FreshBooks and have been using it for just over a year, so I can definitely give a good timesaving solution for managing your finances.

My Review of FreshBooks:

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What does FreshBooks do?

At the beginning, most of us rely on basic smaller programs that are just extensions of what we do and don’t really involve any automated work, and I realized I needed that.

The process of sending invoices and keeping an eye on them is very simple but time consuming, so naturally it’s something that can be done by using software. In my experience FreshBooks does the job perfectly.

Firstly, FreshBooks’ main purpose is to save time and bill stuff, simply put. There are various features that help you with invoices a lot easier than other programs, at least the ones I went through.

Learning it isn’t that frustrating
The idea of switching to a new program to do something you really care about can be somewhat frustrating, it takes time and energy to learn, and generally time to get comfortable with it.

On the other hand, FreshBooks definitely cuts that adapting time as learning is fairly easy. The site itself explains quite a bit as you go along and after a short time of using the software, there really won’t be any unanswered questions.

Payments are simple
They can be such a hassle, and even though the form of payment isn’t really a factor clients take in when choosing a service, FreshBooks definitely made it a lot friendlier.

There’s a feature that allows clients to pay via PayPal. It costs only 50 cents, which is a huge deal seeing as how PayPal usually charges a certain percentage of all business payments as they’re being processed.

There aren’t many clients who prefer paper as opposed to screen but even this part of the deal is made a lot friendlier for me.

Tracking data
Everything is tracked, from time and date of a sent invoice to the time and date of the client reading it.

Well there isn’t much in-between those two but bear with me. It’s an extremely useful thing to me because many other programs didn’t offer the tracking ability.

Although I didn’t have huge problems with sending or receiving payments before, I feel safer now because I know when an invoice is delivered or if it should be re-sent.

Easy access
I know there are many apps for androids that allow wireless Wi-Fi transfers, and USB ports etc. But I’m one of those people who are simply too lazy to do that.

Plugging and USB cable feels like climbing a mountain. My point is, I don’t have to climb mountains anymore. FreshBooks is available to be used on all of the devices you got because it isn’t stored on your hard drive but rather in a cloud. This is one of the main reasons why I stopped using QuickBooks and am using FreshBooks as an alternative.

Is it for you?
Let’s cross this bridge right away. FreshBooks is indeed an awesome service, but it isn’t for everyone.

It can be eventually, however for anyone who has a small group of clients, it doesn’t really pay off to have the service.

Just imagine hiring 20 people to wash your car, it’s just overspending.

Meanwhile other programs, smaller, simpler and cheaper ones are better for smaller businesses that have around a dozen clients.

In conclusion, if you really feel like a lot of your time is wasted handling invoices and doing a machine’s job, give FreshBooks a try. They give a 30 day free trial period which is more than enough to find out if it fits you.